Our experience with investment property management in Marin County allows us to help investors shop for properties, evaluate homes, and make a purchase. And (unless you were referred to us by an already trusted agent) when the right times comes, our experienced broker, Christopher Barrow, and his team are here to help sell your asset for top dollar.

It’s always useful to talk to a local property management company before you buy an investment property. We can tell you what kind of rent you’ll be able to earn and how deep your tenant pool will be. You don’t want to act quickly on what you intrepert to be a good deal, and then find you’re stuck with significant remodel costs, lower rent than you projected, or difficulty finding qualified applicants.

Our experience in the local market allows us to bring information, resources, and assistance to the table.

The same holds true when it comes time to sell a property. Whether it’s an investment property held in the family for years, or a luxury home needing a high-touch marketing plan, our team knows how to help you get the highest returns from the money you spend.

Check out one of our sample virtual tours below and contact us today to discuss your real estate plans for the coming year!

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